Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Burda 107 strapless corset dress

I have a feeling that I have been working on this dress for ever! I choose to make this dress just for the experience, new techniques and all. Every time I saw that dress on de Burda website I wanted to make it, so I bought the pattern when it was half price. And with absolutely no occasion to wear this dress in the near future. But it was so much fun to make. I love the strapless design and sewing boning is fun!

The fabric is a cotton polyester blend from Den Boom. I also used that fabric for the lining of the dress. It was the end of the bold and I got some extra for free. I like that the lining is made of the same fabric as the dress. That way it matches, sometime it is visible at the neckline. 

I don't like to wear strapless bras so I tried a lot to prevent me from having to wear one with this dress. In the end I ripped up an old bra and sewed the cups to the lining. A very amusing sight when you try to pin bra cups to a lining that you have pinned shut. It worked out great! That might also have something to do with the fact that I did made a muslin. 

I love to wear it, I just feel amazing in that dress. When I modelled the dress to show it to some friends they told me it was the sexiest dress. So that is why I thought it would be a nice entry for Allies social sew with the theme hot hot heat. It might not be great for very hot weather but the dress is hot :)

The details:
pattern: +-€2.5 (Burda style)
fabric: €15 (Den Boom)
zip: €3.65      
Boning: free
Bias tape: free

Friday, 22 July 2016

Striped Delphi layered maxi dress

I made this dress the day before I left on holiday. I had bought the pattern already, I had seen so many beautiful versions online, that I could not resist.  I knew I would probably only wear this style of dress on holiday. I don't have any other maxi dress or skirt and I was not sure it was a style that I would like.

The fabric is a coupon from the stoffenspektakel. I bought it with the intention of making a summer dress. But it was only when I got home that I discovered that the fabric was more than two meters in length and I new it was meant to be a Delphi dress. I made a size 6, and thought that I would just treat it as a wearable toile. Because I only had one day left and also had to do some packing. The fabric was a bit to short to make the pattern as intended. So I made the skirt a bit less wide, that way I could lay the two pattern pieces for the skirt next to each other. Because of the stripes I decided to alter the top, instead of making a rounded bottom I cut it parallel with the stripes. This does mean that the sides of the top layer are longer then the middle. I do prefer this look with the striped fabric. 

The instructions are detailed and easy to follow. The only downside is that you can't really tell how the dress is going to fit until you are almost done. 

The dress is to wide at the top. A lot to wide! you can see the fabric droop down in the back and at the sides. I made a size 6 based on the finished measurements on the pattern. My measurements are a little bit larger than the size 6 so I thought that would be fine for a knit. I looked again at the picture of the dress on the named website. I also think the loop at the back of the dress is longer on their dress. And I do think I followed the instructions as to the suggested length.  Anyway next time I make this dress I will make the dress more narrow at the top, or use a size 4 for the top and 6 for the bottom. I'm probably going to make this dress again. Maybe not for myself but for my sister she loved it. 

Delphi layered maxi dress - Named patterns : free (bought it with the gift card that I won)

fabric - stoffenspektakel : €10 for 2.1m (coupon)

Monday, 13 June 2016

Me-Made-May the roundup

I know we are halfway in to June (I have no time because of exams) but here s my roundup of Me-Made-May. Me-Made-May was even more difficult this year. I was expecting it to go easier this year because I have more handmade clothes. I still wear most of the clothes that I made a few years ago, so it adds up. What I didn't count on this year is that I started working. And I have nothing to wear to work. The dress code at the office is pretty casual but even then I didn't have enough to wear. I always wear jeans with a top when I need to go to construction sites. But I don't have any handmade trousers (culottes don't count) and also not that many tops. Lucky for me the first two weeks where warm and I could wear my summer dresses. 

I like to make dresses! I also used to wear them a lot, but now I walk to work and I have not found any comfortable shoes that look good with a dress. If anyone knows some pretty but comfortable shoes please let me know! 

Anyway here are a few of my crappy outfit pictures :) I like those culottes.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The hope cardigan

The first thing I realized during me-made may is that I don't have enough handmade separates. I have made a lot of dresses over the years but not so many tops. And almost no bottoms at all. So basics are much needed. I didn't really know what to make. I wear a lot of long sleeved blouses at the moment but I don't really needed more of them. Trousers would have been an option, if I had more time. I hope I have more time to work on that during my summer break. So what it make? I'm participating again in Allie's social sew I like the concept a lot, an inspiring theme but not to constricting. This month it is me made basics in honour of Me made may.

So I made the hope cardigan from La Maison Victor. A nice easy to make bat-sleeved cardigan. The fabric came form my stash I bought it at a local fabric store. It is a white, navy knit with a bright blue glittering thread running trough. You can see it on the last photo. The navy blue border knit comes from my grandmothers drawer of border knits. I matches the dark blue from the main fabric perfect.

The cardigan was a fast make. I did everything according to the directions except that I turned the collar piece inside-out. And I had the collar run through to the bottom edge instead of cutting it of with the bottom edge of knit ribbing.  

It ended up being a great make for me made may. I have worn the cardigan already a few times. The nice things about this cardigan are the bat-wing sleeves, it means that you can wear them over anything. 

Main fabric:         30€ - Den Boom 
navy ribbing:       free (grandmothers stash)

Monday, 9 May 2016

bordeaux Pam blouse

I'm that pale that I glow in the sunshine. 

I'm still trying to hold up to my pledge for Me-Made-May. To be honest it is not easy. But more on that in the next post where I show you a lot of selfies. 

I almost forgot this blouse, I made it a while ago. I tried to take photos 3 times, first time I forgot the trousers that I wanted to wear with the blouse. And the other photos where to over exposed. These are not great either but I'm not going to take them an other time. The pattern is a great a very classic style with the ties in the neckline. It is the Pam blouse form La Maison Victor. 

I made a size 36 without any alterations. That size always fits me well in their patterns. 

The fabric is some kind of polyester blend. The fabric pressed really well and I was able to achieve a great finish. The best top stitching I have ever done. Maybe slightly to stiff, now I'm looking at the photos. I got a nice wool fabric in the same colour as the blouse that I'm going to use for a skirt. But those are plans for next winter.

Sunday, 1 May 2016


I almost forgot to post about my participation for Me-Made-May. 

'I, Nathalie from Nathalie Sews, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear one handmade item each day for the duration of May 2016'

Last year I participated as well and I really liked it, it helped me a lot with finding out what I like to wear. And also with realising that I don't always sew the clothes that I wear most of the time. I don't care that much, I don't endeavourer to make an entire handmade wardrobe. Sewing is a hobby it should stay fun as well. I'm thinking about doing a weekly or biweekly update. 

Monday, 18 April 2016

Black and white Ivy dress

I started working on this dress in December of last year. I ran out of seasonally appropriated fabrics so I decided to work on a summers dress. I cut out the fabric but never started sewing. It was way to cold to even think about a summer dress, so I left it until I came across the social sew hosted by Allie J. The dress I had planned fitted perfectly within the spring shower theme and it gave me the motivation to (finally) start sewing. It is still way to cold to wear it but at least it is ready to wear when the weather turns nice. 

I bought the fabric quite a while ago at the stoffen spektakel. Because of the print I never knew what to make form it. I wanted a dress but nothing with a seam at the waist breaking up the pattern. Most patterns that didn't have a horizontal seam at the waist had vertical darts and I didn't want that either. 

So when I saw this pattern in La Maison Victor I knew it was perfect for this pattern. As always I made a size 36. The only thing I did different are the slits in the side seams. I have rather wide hips and I could not get the dress over my hips. Because I didn't want to put the dress on and off by stepping in to it, I choose to make two slits. 

I love the low back but unfortunately it does show my bra strap at some moments. In the first photo it doesn't show but you can see it in the one below. I should find a solution for this, probably buy one of those extender straps that wrap around your waist.  

I tried to pattern match the fabric at the sides. But It didn't work well because the fabric was not symmetric. I folded the fabric in half there where the print was the narrowest. I put pins in the fabric after it was folded at the border of the print but the print didn't match. Nothing I could do about that. So I just centred the print in the front and the back, and didn't bother with the sides. One side looks good, the other one not so. The fabric was really cheap, 10€ for a coupon of 1,5 m. Maybe to be expected?

Now I just hope it gets warm enough soon so that I can wear it. It was so cold when I took those photos.